Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where did the idea for Queasy Beads come from?

I created Queasy Beads because I wanted to wear a pair of acupressure bracelets that worked but also looked stylish.  Here's my story.....

A little over 4 years ago, I had a terrible migraine headache with worse stomach nausea.  I was miserable.  I couldn't take anything because any meds would only make me feel more nauseous, so I was just suffering thru the migraine and the nausea.  That day, my cousin was in town from NJ for a wedding close to where I live.  As soon as she came to visit, she knew something was up.  I told her how terrible I was feeling and she literally put me in her car and drove me to the drug store where she bought me a pair of acupressure wristbands to help with my upset stomach.  She told me they should work but all I could think was -- what are these ugly things???  Well, I put them on and WOW -- within 15 minutes my nausea was gone.  Really gone.  I could not believe it.  Where had these magical bands been all my life?  I still had my migraine but at least I didn't feel like I was going to throw up.  So, right away I was hooked on how acupressure could relieve stomach nausea.  I had to learn more.  To this day, I find it ironic that my cousin is also my Godmother or, should I say, Fairy Godmother :)

The next day I was still wearing the wristbands.  I still had a slight migraine but I really was feeling no nausea.  Yay. The only thing was....I was really getting sick of looking at these ugly wristbands that were making me feel better.  They looked like wristbands from the 80's.  Yuk.  Now, if I may go back in time a few (30 -- has it actually been that long???? years), I took fashion design in college so I thought, "Why can't I just design a pair of stylish wristbands that can do the same thing?"  Genius.  So, after researching how acupressure on our wrists can help relieve stomach nausea, I went to work and created a pair of really cute bracelets that worked just as well as the aforementioned "ugly" wristbands.  I was thrilled because I felt better and I looked better, too.

Then, one day my husband said, "You know, you wear your bracelets all the time....maybe there are other women out there that can benefit from wearing them, too."  That's all it took and I went to work creating several pairs for my friends to try.  They loved them.  No more ugly wristbands to help us feel better!

Queasy Beads are designed with beads placed strategically to give the best benefit for nausea relief.  My son, Clayton, actually helped me name them.  One day when I was feeling queasy, I asked him to please get my beaded bracelets from my jewelry box and he said, "Feeling queasy, Mom?"  I said, "Yes, I am and I need my beads" and the name Queasy Beads was born.  Out of the mouths of babes......

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