Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Copper beads for Queasy Beads™ bracelets!

Copper beads have arrived at Queasy Beads™!

This Custom Color Design was by special request.  This bracelet incorporates copper beads with brilliant Tiger Eye glass beads.  Soon I will be incorporating even more copper beads into the Queasy Beads™ color collections at

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wearing Queasy Beads™ motion sickness bracelets keeps the queasiness away!

For the past few weeks I have been soooo busy designing and shipping Queasy Beads™ that today I actually didn't realize that I had forgotten to put on a pair of Queasy Beads™ myself ... UNTIL ... about an hour ago I started feeling queasy.

It was just before lunchtime and, having had only coffee and a light breakfast this a.m. before heading down to begin work for the day, my stomach was feeling very queasy.  This is a strange feeling for me since I wear a pair of Queasy Beads™ every single day!

But, sure enough, I noticed I was NOT WEARING MY QUEASY BEADS and the queasiness crept up on me.  (I wear a pair every day just so that I am prepared for whatever queasiness the day may want to try and bring me.  It is so nice to always be queasy-free!)

Needless to say, I quickly put on the closest pair of Queasy Beads™ (I keep them everywhere!) and within 10 minutes my queasiness was G-O-N-E.  I felt so much better, and back to my normal, queasy-free self.  Phew. 

 Note to self:  Do NOT do that again!

I believe in the power of acupressure and I believe in Queasy Beads™ to calm a queasy stomach.  And they're pretty, too!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Queasy Beads™ bracelets for pregnancy morning sickness relief!

Today I am sharing a recent review we received of a pair of "Black & White Sparkle" Queasy Beads™ that I designed for an expectant mom:

"Absolutely LOVE my queasy beads! I've had them on for 2 full days now (of course taking them off at night but putting them back on as soon as I wake up) and today is the FIRST day in almost 2 months that I have not thrown up due to my pregnancy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have recommended queasy beads to my October birth group! :)"

Queasy Beads™ in "Black & White Sparkle"

Friday, April 10, 2015

Motion Sickness Bracelets for a Cruise

Custom Color Design of the Day!

I was super excited to design these Queasy Beads™ bracelets for a mom and her two young girls to wear on their cruise.

Each girl will wear one "Brilliant Blue" or "Lovely Lavender" bracelet (on the left; alongwith a 2nd bracelet) while mom wears the pair on the right ~ a Custom Color Design using the colors of both girls' bracelets and a custom version of "White Dazzle" with clear beads incorporated into the design.  I think they will look absolutely adorable when the three of them wear their Queasy Beads™ together on their cruise!

Custom Color Queasy Beads™ motion sickness bracelets!

Happy Friday!

Today I am designing THE most adorable Custom Color Queasy Beads™ for a mom and her girls.  I will be posting a photo as soon as they are complete! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New & improved beads in Queasy Beads™ motion sickness bracelets designs!

 Queasy Beads™ Motion Sickness Bracelets in "White Dazzle"

In our continuing effort to improve the quality of Queasy Beads™, we have replaced the sterling silver-plated beads with sterling silver-filled beads.  These lead-free, silver-filled beads are of a higher quality and manufactured in the USA with a thicker layer of silver to last longer without tarnishing.  We are proud to offer this significant enhancement in the quality of Queasy Beads™!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

What are Queasy Beads?

Today we updated the "What are Queasy Beads?" page of the website to include a few more images.  Take a look and tell us what you think!

Friday, April 3, 2015

I have heard from so many people this week who are planning to go on cruises or vacations and looking for a fashionable alternative to motion sickness wristbands.  We are all very excited they found Queasy Beads™!  So, needless to say, I will be happily designing Queasy Beads™ for all those cruisers and vacationers out there that have found out about us this week!  First on the list is this cute pair of Queasy Beads™ in "S'Mores" for a super customer who doesn't want to feel nauseous while dolphin watching on a boat.  This pair is made using all wood beads.  Perfect for a boat ride!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring is here! 

I LOVE working with colorful cat's eye beads, especially this time of year. 

Queasy Beads™ in "Colorful Radiance" are 5th on the list to design today.

 Queasy Beads™ nausea relief bracelets in "Colorful Radiance"

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It was a full day of designing Queasy Beads™ today and I did remember to take a photo of the sets I designed for a family order ~

Today, one of my orders is for a family of four.  All the bracelets I will be designing are from the "Classic Neutral Collection" which is a collection of all the wood beads designs.  One pair will be for a man, so that is especially exciting for me.  It's good to know that the good word is spreading that Queasy Beads™ motion sickness bracelets are for men, too!

I'm hoping there will be enough time before I ship to snap a photo.  Most days I am so busy that I forget to do that.  But this collection of four pair will look amazing together, so I will do my best to remember.  Stay tuned!

Here is a direct link to the "Classic Neutral Collection"

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Here's another pair of custom color Queasy Beads I recently designed.  I absolutely LOVE this pair!

I designed this pair for a facebook fan who wanted a brand new pair of Queasy Beads to match her gorgeous swimsuit from Rey Swimwear at  I think she will look amazing wearing them together!

This new pair of Queasy Beads Stylish Motion Sickness & Nausea Relief Bracelets actually has 3 different functions!  

In addition to being stylish nausea relief bracelets, this pair is made using magnetic hematite beads.  The gemstone hematite has been used for centuries as an alternative form of healing and is known to relieve pain and bring inner peace to your body in times of stress.  This particular custom design was made for a friend to help with her carsickness and has an added charm for Juvenile Diabetes Awareness.

I am especially proud of this new pair of Queasy Beads motion sickness bracelets that are: 

1) stylish motion sickness bracelets;  

2) designed using pain and stress relieving magnetic hematite beads; and 

3) have an added charm to help raise awareness of Juvenile Diabetes.

I love adding awareness charms to custom Queasy Beads bracelets.  I am thinking about adding a charm selection to the Custom Color Designs choices on my website.  

And, since I am always receiving requests for Queasy Beads using magnetic hematite beads, I am in the process of adding a new "Magnetic Hematite Collection" to my website.  I will hopefully be finished with a few color design styles and launch this new collection this week!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015