Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wearing Queasy Beads™ motion sickness bracelets keeps the queasiness away!

For the past few weeks I have been soooo busy designing and shipping Queasy Beads™ that today I actually didn't realize that I had forgotten to put on a pair of Queasy Beads™ myself ... UNTIL ... about an hour ago I started feeling queasy.

It was just before lunchtime and, having had only coffee and a light breakfast this a.m. before heading down to begin work for the day, my stomach was feeling very queasy.  This is a strange feeling for me since I wear a pair of Queasy Beads™ every single day!

But, sure enough, I noticed I was NOT WEARING MY QUEASY BEADS and the queasiness crept up on me.  (I wear a pair every day just so that I am prepared for whatever queasiness the day may want to try and bring me.  It is so nice to always be queasy-free!)

Needless to say, I quickly put on the closest pair of Queasy Beads™ (I keep them everywhere!) and within 10 minutes my queasiness was G-O-N-E.  I felt so much better, and back to my normal, queasy-free self.  Phew. 

 Note to self:  Do NOT do that again!

I believe in the power of acupressure and I believe in Queasy Beads™ to calm a queasy stomach.  And they're pretty, too!

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